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What Is A Blueberry?

A blueberry is a well rounded fruit
It ripens when most needed
It takes hold in rough terrain
Where things are rocky
A blueberry is most nourishing
It is small yet multiplies its presence
To sweeten life unsacharinely
It is ever ripening with new possibilities
It thrives in glens, hollows, and solitudes
Yet is never isolated
A blueberries potential is inexhaustible and generous beyond measure
It allows itself to be squeezed
To be devoured and flavor all other things and people
A blueberry answers mans deepest needs
Collects and distributes dew with each morning
A blueberry retains its unique wild flavor
In season and out.
My Blueberry is everything blueberries
Were meant to be and to give
And she's all mine and then more
A Beachcomber Blueberry blend is an intoxicant

-William Malewitz, The Beachcomber

Believe in others.